Sarah Palin, too much, too soon

She's an Aquarius. Which explains the comfort speaking other people's lines. I watched her speech with rapt fascination. The political arena is such a place for showboating, that to have the same bluster coming out of someone with a decidedly yupwardly suburban mom look was jarring. If only she was smart and not clever. Alaska is a really, really small state. How hard is it to rise high in state politics? But the part that really bugs me is the sanctimony. Here's someone who came out against sex ed., wanted to ban books at the library, is against enviro. regs, tried to jeezle the state system to nail an in-law, yet everything's coming up roses. Women, we have GOT to get better candidates out there. I speak as someone who has been extremely close to political campaigns (varying in size from state to township) and I'm telling you. It's a bonehead's world out there. if you can put a sentence together, keep your mouth shut when needed, stick to principles (HAVE some principles) and vision, you're ahead of the game. Women, if Sarah Palin is standing in for our gender, and, for the moment, has the attention of the world, we've got to do better. Nancy Pelosi, yay. Hillary, yay. Jennifer Flanagan, Jennifer Benson, yay. Worse, Palin makes me think of all the stuff about Aquarius I hate -- the situational ethics, the blithe mouthpiecing, the blather. Let's wrap this one up, shall we?
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