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Some of you may know my real name, and my real world elected position. Some may know me as a retired music critic, or former girlfriend to writer-types in the public eye, or producer at Night Flight, or editor of Button, New England's Tiniest Magazine of poetry, fiction, gracious living. Most people where I live know me as the mother of my son, which is absolutely perfect. Now, we are expecting another child, a babygirl and I find that my identity, as an astrologer and as someone with a public identity is shifting. It feels different to be expecting a babygirl versus babyboy and I can't quite identify what those differences are. I am assuming my daughter will have an interesting life with avid curiosity and that she will work hard to improve her community. That is my hope and that is something to strive for. As recipients of a magical unique astrological blueprint, fingermark, we always have the option of being the best of our sign. I have worked for some excellent water sign editors through my years as a journalist. I've also worked for utterly impossible, attention-deficit mis-micromanagers, and at this point in life, I am only surrounded by the former. We all have the choice to work for a career we want to have -- or we can choose not to have a career, but rather see what life serves up. Most of my clients are highly directed, emotionally responsive folks who can have a heightened sense of anticipation. The people I see who want a tarot reading, or those I speak to on the radio periodically like quirky observations ("you like to collect strange old stuff," "you're lucky and often win the raffle you enter") versus the more probing analysis. It's all good -- honest! Speaking of which, I wanted to throw a little opportunity out there. I am writing a book due well before the baby is due, but I'm working hard and would love to hear from you if you have some interesting observations about your signs. I've already made this offer to family and friends and astrological folks. I have a very brief and somewhat entertaining questionnaire I'd be happy to send you if you'd like to be "data" for my book. I'll try to use everyone and I can use a pseudonym for you if you prefer. Email me at if you'd like to weigh in.
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