A weird month

A news story noted that one of the landmarks in Arches Canyon, Utah collapsed. I'm reminded of the collapse of the Old Man of the Mountain, which I had occasion to see many times. Just a reminder that the forces that rule the universe are basic, pitiless and logical. Elements and gravity, physics and time. If we think we're doing a fast one or end run around circumstances, the universe has a way of winding things back. And so it is with astrology. Some signs are facing more than the usual challenges. It's not your "fault" but if you're one of those signs (Saturn return, mid-'30s, Virgo or Pisces), you should look for opportunities to make the most of circumstances that may seem to be beyond your control. This is a huge growth period for you -- like it or not. And the universe is saying Take more responsibility. Some signs (Aquarians, Gems) have a fairly neutral relationship with responsibility -- and don't seem to mind. Anyway, an eclipse is coming up this month also, so ... yeeesh....
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