Meet the Mayor: MBTA Downtown Crossing Station

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

MBTA Downtown Crossing Station
Joselin Mane

Ever seen a dead body down here?
There was that video of a drunk woman who fell into the tunnel. Remember that? I've seen a lot of bums, but no dead people.

She was rescued by her fellow T riders!
I saw a video of a train in the U.K. roll over a baby carriage. The baby was fine, because the gap between the baby carriage and the train was so big. I don't think that would work here.

Huh. What's that kid going to be like when he grows up?
"See that video? That was me! I survived!"

Isn't it weird how it's impossible for two strangers to have a conversation on the T without one person creeping the other out?
Actually, because my glasses are very innovative, I always get strangers coming up to me, asking, "Oh, are those glasses comfortable? Where can I get those?"

Are they comfortable?
They are very comfortable. They're made out of titanium. They're lightweight. Generally, depending on how long I'm with the person, I'll let them try them on so they can see. If you want, you can try them on.

You don't want me doing that. I'm unbelievably greasy.

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