City forces Wadzilla Mansion to cease operations, organizers seek proper permits

Looks like the city finally caught up to WADZILLA MANSION in Allston, the site of several incredible basement shows over the past few months. Here's word from Wadzilla HQ, posted online twenty minutes ago (Video of Comanche shot earlier this month by the Phoenix's Janssen McCormick):    

Dear wonderful people,

We have some very unfortunate news. This morning our landlord received a letter from the city of Boston informing her we have been in violation of the State Building Code, due to a "failure to secure a permit to operate a Live Entertainment Venue." It gives us 30 days to apply and obtain the permit and all required inspections. Until that is done, all activity needs to cease; a failure to comply will lead to a penalty of $1000 and/or imprisonment of not more than 1 year for each instance of violation.

Our amazing landlord is actually being extremely supportive of us and she is helping us try to find a way to secure the necessary permits from the city. However, in the meantime, we cannot have any more shows... it is also not a guarantee at all that we will be able to resume shows again, but we promise you we will try our hardest to find a way to legally do so.

We are of course, supremely saddened by this news and we shall see what the future holds. Over the past year Wadzilla Mansion has become a unique gathering spot for musicians, artists, and open-minded people of all backgrounds throughout the city; a true musical oasis which we fervently believe has helped reinvigorate the local music scene in a profound way. A year ago we recognized a widespread need for such a communal spot; since then we have poured our hearts into constantly making this the best possible independent underground venue we could conceive of but recognize that without you guys and your constant enthusiasm and support, this place would be nothing more than just another basement in another home.

Our experience over the past twelve months has shown us the true value and astonishing power of a whole-hearted grassroots, do-it-yourself mentality; this is not our venue, it is the people's venue. We are genuinely happy to have had the opportunity to host so many amazing shows and are eternally grateful for the privilege to do so allowed to us by all the talented musicians and passionate fans who have become forever part of the Wadzilla family.

Finally, we would like to make a note regarding the authorities: we are actually grateful for their cordiality in notifying us formally instead of handling this in a more confrontational manner. Their intervention exists merely to protect the public by making sure our venue is safe and our neighbors are considered; we hope you respect and share our views on this matter. As active members of society, we must all acknowledge our coexistence and actively find ways to maintain civility and respect for everyone. Art is not anarchy, and we believe in respecting those who create as much as those who must maintain order.

This is not the end of the novel; it is merely the end of chapter 1. We are excited to see what the next chapter holds and would love for all of you to be there with us.

Sincerely yours,

Wadzilla Mansion

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