Arkham City's new trailer: Holy Co-Op Gameplay, Batman?

Please, please, please let this trailer for Batman: Arkham City mean what I think it means. It looks like Batman and the Joker double-teaming. It looks like co-op gameplay. It looks like I could sit on my couch and flip a coin with my partner to decide the undecideable: which of us gets to be Joker and which of us gets to be Batman, holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.

I was already excited for this sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum, and I was even more excited about the completely wild and unestablished rumors that it would be a co-op game. I was crossing my fingers for Catwoman, and I willing to settle for Robin, but I never expected ... THE JOKER.

I'm guessing that if this game ends up being co-op, it will have different duos depending on the mission, much like another co-op Batman game that I loved: Lego Batman. In Lego Batman, the first and second players played as everyone from Batman to Poison Ivy to Mr. Freeze. Even though I'd like to see an entire game plot centered around an unlikely Joker/Batman team-up -- and, oh, the fanfic writers would go wild! -- I'd still be satisfied with a co-op Batman game that included a bigger roster of playable characters.

So, what do we think? Are we allowed to get excited about co-op gameplay for Arkham City yet, or is this trailer just a deceptive tease?

EDIT: Okay, so that "trailer" is apparently a fan-made fake. Words cannot adequately express my disappointment.

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