How is Booky Formed?

It's no secret Yahoo! Answers is the cesspit of the Internet, a place where coherent thought goes to die. Recently, I found out it had a Books section. I went searching for Babby, but instead I found several confused people, some misguided aspiring authors, and a whole bunch of high school students too lazy to do their homework. If I can stomach it, I'll be revisiting Yahoo! Answers regularly because masochism.

The first question I found was from a girl named Jessica with a budding interest in the occult.


I hate to be the one to break this to you, Jessica, but you need to whore yourself to a powerful satanist in order to get your hands on a Necronomicon with actual writing and stuff inside it. Or wait, there might just be another option!


I bet Yahoo! is awfully excited Jessica has not only never heard of Amazon, but also Google.

Next up was Bonnie, who would seem to disagree with Roger Ebert.


I've never read that book, so I can't pass judgment. It very well might have dragged. But I vehemently disagreed with one of the answers.


I know at least one person who's going to love the Baz Luhrmann adaptation! But there's a better answer.


I admired Peter's burn until the super racist part. Otherwise, well played, Peter!

 Next, in a galaxy far, far away, we have a case of too many prologues:


Too bad Chaucer's not available. Fortunately, Ruthie is.

Well Ruthie, I'm not a literary expert either, but I have to stop thinking about Yahoo! Answers before I burn down a library in despair. Until next time!

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