The Week That Was -- Mo Better Blues

Well I didn't quite nail it, but in retrospect my argument for Jay Gonzalez way back in mid-December turns out to fit Mo Cowans even better than it fit Gonzalez, so I give myself partial credit.

So, I missed that whole announcement. And, I missed the opportunity to use "Mo" in fun headlines.

Most importantly, I never got around to doing this list of "Top 10 Franks With More Of A Chance At Being Named Interim Senator Than Barney":

1. Frank Ocean

2. Dr. Frank-N-Furter

3. Clovis I

4. Frank Drebin

5. Frankie Goes To Hollywood

6. TV's Frank

7. Kevin Franck

8. BallPark brand Bun-Sized Beef Frank

9. The Congolese franc

10. Congressional postage frank


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