A Modest Interim Senator Proposal

Conor Yunits has proposed a very reasonable set of criteria for Deval Patrick to use in selecting an interim US Senator, after the expected appointment of John Kerry to Secretary of State.

So, if you're looking for reasonable criteria, go there. If, on the other hand, you want someone to baselessly throw out a specific name who Patrick should pick, I'm your guy.

Jay Gonzalez.

Now, I have absolutely no idea if the outgoing Administration and Finance secretary is even remotely under consideration. I'm just saying, as I cast my eye around, he makes sense.

Gonzalez, who has just recently announced his resignation from the Patrick administration, has no job or significant financial entanglements (corporate boards, etc.) he would need to quit; I don't know what his new plans are, but it's usually easier to put new things on hold for six months than to quit in the middle of something.

He's smart and savvy, and Patrick has enormous trust in him. The governor could feel confident that Gonzalez wouldn't do anything that embarrasses or reflects badly on the guy who appointed him.

Gonzalez has expressed interest in elective office, so this would be a way to boost the future prospects of a potential political star -- as opposed to giving a deserving old-timer an end-of-career honor. At the same time, Gonzalez is young enough that he would presumably agree not to run for anything in 2014, so Patrick wouldn't be pissing off any state Dems (ie Lil' Timmy Murray) by creating a threat to their short-term plans.

And a grateful Gonzalez will be a very useful ally to Patrick for many years to come, whether raising money for a political campaign, a non-profit foundation, or whatever else the Guv might do down the road.

Oh, and appointing a Hispanic Senator has got to be appealing.

So there you go Deval. A little piece of free advice.

Besides, who else you got? Cam Kerry maybe? Come on. Jay for Interim!

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