Rules for the Scooper Bowl

Today's the last chance to hit the Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl. And if you're gonna do it right, these are the rules:

1. This is a war zone. Don’t bring strollers into it.

2. It’s a sprint AND a marathon. Six-cup sissies stay home. Leave more space for the heavy hitters.

3. It’s okay to use the coupon for a charity event; they created it to use (text SCOOP to 22122 for $1 off admission).

4. Overindulging is always guilt-free because you’re helping to fight cancer.

5. DO NOT stop and eat your scoop once you get it. Take as many as you can carry and get out of the way.

6. There are no lines -- like I said, it’s a war zone, and it's every man for himself.

7. Leave the kids at the back of the line and grab scoops for them. I will step on them because I’m focused on the prize.

8. Off-peak hours are the best if you’re looking to crush cups.

9. Keep your eyes peeled for local celebs and news crews. Gluttony = 15 seconds of fame here.

10. Even if you’re good with lactose, it’s never a bad idea to pregame with a little Lactaid.

The 29th Annual Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl | City Hall Plaza, 1 City Hall Plz, Boston | June 9 @ noon-8 pm.

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