Meet the Mayor of Galway House

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.


Joe Butler
Galway House

How does the Galway manage to be kind of a sports bar without being horrible?
I don't know. I come here and watch the Bruins. But this place has been slowly taken over by the younger, hipper crowd, to my dismay. When I first started coming here, it almost felt like an Elks Lodge.

Why did everyone applaud when Mike the bartender showed up?
He's good at what he does. A couple months back, we asked him, "If we ordered a Red Jaguar, what would you make?" The Red Jaguars are a street gang known for drinking and high-fiving. We wanted a drink named after us. He made it with all the red shit he could find. It's delicious.

If the Galway turns into a hipster bar, will it be Mike's fault?
I'd hate to say that. I almost wish I could say, "This place sucks, don't come here," but I can't, 'cause it doesn't suck. For my personal interests, I'd rather there be 10 people here so I can get a drink whenever I want. I forget to check in at half the places I go, but I wanted this mayorship, 'cause, fuck it. This is my bar. This is where I drink.

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