Special-Election Day Question For Boston Political Nerds

District 7 (Roxbury) goes to the polls today, in the preliminary election to determine the two finalists to succeed Chuck Turner on the Boston City Council. More on that as the day progresses.

But meanwhile, here's a question for my Boston political nerds to chew on!

As you surely know, this is a redistricting year. I am told that this process might very well ultimately involve the redrawing of not only the nine council districts, but the city's wards and precincts -- which, as I understand it, haven't been redrawn since oh, I don't know, since they were marking the cow paths with street signs or something. I'm just saying it's been a long time.

Obviously these sorts of determinations won't come until after we get the full 2010 Census data. But since when has this blog, and its readers, bothered to wait for the facts to come in before expressing an opinion?

So here's my question: What council district or districts do you think most needs changing? What wards and precincts? And do you think changing them would actually make any difference, or just create new petty intra-committee rivalries among the handful of people who actually participate?

Please chime in!!!

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