30 Rock producer defends Julianne Moore's terrible Boston accent

NY Mag's Vulture blog tracked down 30 Rock producer Robert Carlock -- a former Harvard Lampoon editor, and thus someone who should know better -- to take him to task for what may be the world's worst Boston accent in a generation. You won't believe this: the guy had the balls to say that Julianne Moore sounds like an actual Bostonian!

"I grew up with people like that,” he said. “Not everyone talks like that in Boston, but I think she's enough of an actress to pull it off. She's awesome." So he thinks Moore sounds realistic? "I'm going to go with that. I know people who sound like that. Take the train."

OK: people who've taken the train -- anyone want to tell us which MBTA stop has people who sound like Julianne Moore? Because unless there's a stop at a mental facility on the Nor'Easter or something, we're calling bullshit. 
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