Now Showing at the Wilbur Theatre: BOOZE


What's wrong with this picture? Give up? It's of a concert at the Wilbur Theatre (home of Boston's Comedy Connection), and nobody is drinking. They're just sitting there, either bored and sober or catatonic on account of how many painkillers they chewed beforehand to compromise for the lack of liquor license.

But now the dry times are over. And it's a good thing; no longer do folks have to sneak bathroom bat hits and get crotch-first shitfaced beforehand. The situation was getting ridiculous; at the Best Damn Comedy Show a few weeks ago, one college kid was so hammered that he thought the Reverend Bob Levy was hilarious.

Here's the good news straight from the source:

"As of this past Friday the Wilbur Theatre is now able to serve alcohol with a full bar," says Wilbur Marketing Director Andrew Mather .  "We are very happy that now after almost a year and a half we can offer this to our customers.  It has been frustrating for our patrons and staff alike.  We appreciate everyone's patience through this dry, dry period.  Let the booze flow in the theatre district from hear on!"



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Toast liberalism with Bill Maher on October 22 and 23 (Phoenix interview coming next week)


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