NASA will crash spacecraft into Moon Friday -- twice


NASA is trying to beat the Moon's ass. At around 4:30 PT, NASA will propell a rocket into the South Pole of the Moon, and then turn around and slam the satellite into the poor celestial being again (the rocket is attached to the satellite but will detach right before impact for the satellite to collect data and then run into the moon some more). The hopes? To find water. (Or a really good fireworks display)...Why? Not sure, maybe we're planning a mass-exodus we're all not aware of, but I guess if there's water, then we might be able to live on the Moon one day....or at least get some new type of expensive bottled water on this planet.

The LCROSS (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite) mission, according to the movie on the NASA site, will first run a course around the Earth, twice, before slamming into the Moon.

The event will be broadcasted on NASA TV and online at

For more on the LCROSS, visit NASA's site.

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