DregNog Video Advent Calendar, Day #12: You've Got a Satanic Cookie Monster Growl, Charlie Brown

A Charlie Brown Christmas is beloved by children and grown-up children everywhere. But did you know that they made an alternate version of Chuck's Christmas Pageant featuring "Perfect Night for a Hanging" by Tourniquet? Charles Schulz loved the idea, but the network nixed this version due to excessive grinding guitars and incomprehensible throat-searing lyrics. Fortunately, I discovered this gem in a fallout shelter, so we can all enjoy Christmas the death-metal way.

Infinite Santa 8000 is the star of an animated web series, in which he must kill hordes of mutants in order to survive a post-apocalyptic wasteland. There are 13 webisodes in all, with a new one every week until Christmas. Each webisode is three minutes or less, and can be found at, where you can also get gory Christmas cards, DVDs, and other holiday merch. And subscribe to the YouTube channel here: Get in the holiday spirit of blood-soaked mayhem!

The Infinite Santa 8000 season finale is coming on Christmas Eve! Get ready for some big surprises!

The DregNog Video Advent Calendar is Laser Orgy's annual celebration of all things strange and festive. Click here to see last year's DregNog archives.   

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