Fun with Photoshop: Video game characters visit Boston

Holy crap, it's an Oregon Trail ferry crossing the Charles River. What is that doing there? We have no answer for you, other than, "Because it's awesome."

We've recently buckled down and published our very own Top 50 Video Games of All Time, with plenty of help from the voters who've been playing the Laser Orgy 500 Battle. This is basically a Video Game Awards Show, so we figure we deserve a roster of famous faces to come to town in the Phoenix's honor. Unfortunately, even though we could probably convince local games developers we've lauded in our list to get drunk with us sometime, we can't invite fictional characters and congratulate them, too. But how awesome would it be if we could? So, we made some photoshops. And we may have gotten a bit carried away.

The result: this surreal slideshow that chronicles our fannish imaginations of how famous video game characters might enjoy our beloved city. It makes it a little bit easier for us to pretend that we went clubbing with Princess Peach, which is everybody's personal fantasy, as far as we're concerned. Kind of a shame that none of it is real, but we wouldn't want to pay for the damage Donkey Kong's done to the Zakim Bridge, so it's better this way.

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