DregNog Video Advent Calendar: Day #12: Away in a Batcave

On the Twelfth Day of DregNog, Laser Orgy gave to thee: the mother lode of silly Batman Christmas clips.

The Dark Knight Before Christmas (2008)

The Joker Blogs gave us this little doozy last year, but it still gets the job done. In it, the Joker (of the "Why so serious?" persuasion) exposes an imposter vigilante Santa, and takes the opportunity to deliver a heartwarming Yuletide message about the true spirit of Christmas: total anarchy.

Christmas with the Joker (1992)

Not even 30 seconds into this Batman: The Animated Series classic, and the Joker (played by a uncannily great Mark Hamill) is already blasting out of Arkham on a Christmas tree rocket. This ep even gets a little meta, as the Joker hosts his own Christmas special (even if it's just an excuse to torture Batman by taking Commissioner Gordon, Detective Bullock, and Summer Gleason hostage). Among the gifts this ep bestows: pies in Batman's stoic face, the Joker in a Christmas sweater, Laffy the Helpful Little Elf, and Batman's musings on It's a Wonderful Life ("You know, I've never seen that -- I could never get past the title").

The Cool Cruel Christmas Caper (1968)

And whatever your thoughts on Bruce Timm's vision of Batman, we can all agree: it sure beats the hell out of the "Cool Cruel Christmas Caper." Not ever hover jets can save this one.

The Duo Is Slumming (1966)

This clip -- from the ridiculous 1960s live-action series with Adam West -- starts with Robin babbling about sugarplums dancing in his head while getting aerially spooned by Master Bruce. Then a demented Santa pops out of a window. It's all downhill from there.

The Dynamic Duo make a Zayre run

Holy shit! Remember Zayre? This little bit of local discount-shopping history may have gone the way of the dodo, but Dead Malls still keeps the memory alive. And so does this vintage commercial, starring a classically Adam West-like, overwrought Batman and Robin. This is manna from YouTube heaven, folks -- and the perfect way to sound the death knell of DregNog '09. See you all next year.

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