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Kind of a big deal about to happen in the Massachusetts Senate primary: Lynch and Markey will address the MA AFL-CIO this afternoon, and then the executive board will vote on endorsement.

Lynch is expected to be close to the 2/3 needed for endorsement; but Markey, with support from teachers and AFSCME, probably has enough to force a no-endorsement outcome from what I've been hearing.

It's all closed to press, as usual, but I'm hoping to have a result to pass along by around 5:00 or so.

There's a fun rumor going around that I pass along not because I think it's true but because it shows just how much intrigue and paranoia goes on with these things. The rule is that to win the endorsement, a candidate needs the vote of two-thirds of the board who are present. So, the rumor is that the Lynch camp is trying to get key board members to play hooky from the meeting, to lower the number of votes he needs.

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