That's Right, I Asked

Today I called Republican state senator Bruce Tarr's office to ask whether the senator could respond to widespread speculation in the LGBT community that he is a closeted homosexual.

After checking with the senator, the spokesperson tells me that "no, he is not a closeted homosexual."

Normally, I don't care whether a politician is a closeted homosexual or not. I don't even care about it in context of supposedly hypocritical votes or actions, as some others do.

I do, however, have considerable interest in the possibility of a gay US Senate candidate -- especially a Republican. And, since I don't think of it as an accusation of something bad, I don't think there's anything wrong with asking.

There is, and has long been, rampant speculation about Bruce Tarr being gay -- speculation that remains high, as I have verified since Tarr started floating his name as a possible US Senate candidate.

So I called and asked. He answered.

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