Q&A #8: Who Should Be Interim Senator?

 "David S. Bernstein," who can't believe none of you jerks asked about the one thing he was looking forward to answering, asks himself:

Who do you think Deval Patrick should appoint interim US Senator?

Great question!

Let's accept certain parameters:

1) He wants to name a woman and/or racial minority, and having said so can't very well go back on that;

2) He wants to reward someone meaningful to him personally;

3) He doesn't want someone who might embarrass him once she's in DC, but doesn't care about a little controversy or criticism over the pick.

Lani Guinier. BOOM!

She's at Harvard Law School. Patrick worked for her long ago, and got his big job at the Department of Justice because Guinier was forced to withdraw her nomination. Picking her would be a way to put her into the public service she has been denied due to controversy over her work; would draw attention to and validate that work; and basically make a statement about the importance of the issues she has raised in her career. (h/t EK!)

Unfortunately, I think I've pretty well established that she's not under consideration, which could be for any number of reasons. 

There is someone else who would fit the parameters, however:

Diane Patrick. POW!

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