Q&A #2: Lynch's Seat

"Carl" asks:

If he enters, and if he wins, who are the favorites to try an replace Steve Lynch?

I'm gonna need to crowdsource this one, so everybody chime in with your thoughts.

Obviously you've got the eastern half of Boston in play, which could give you a st sen Jack Hart, rep Linda Forry, maybe Michael Flaherty; not sure but rep Marty Walsh is probably in the district. 

There's the Quincy/Norfolk County base, with DA Michael Morrissey, sheriff Michael Bellotti, st sen John Keenan.

Then you've got Brockton and the Bridgewaters, with st sen Thomas Kennedy, mayor Linda Balzotti, etc.

But wait -- it also wraps around to Dedham and Norwood, so there's st sen Michael Rush.

And these are just the obvious current elected officials offhand -- there are plenty of other folks around that district (including quite a few Boston-area business and non-profit leaders). So, who do YOU think would be a strong contender?

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