Q&A #7: Where Are The Indictments?

"Stephen" asks:

Probation scandal- will we have closure? If so, what kind of changes in leadership are we looking at
in the Legislature? If not, does your binky Carmen Ortiz take a hit?

I'm not sure what that means about the US Attorney being my "binky," but there is a sense that if you keep a grand jury going for this long -- the Ware Commission report came out right after the November 2010 elections -- you'd better put some players in the dock at the end of it. 

The "indictments are coming before the new year" rumor has just a few hours left before it goes the way of "indictments are coming right after the election" rumor and others before. And still we wait.

At some point, we will either get a press conference where Ortiz stresses that not being indicted means only that her office didn't feel it has a strong enough case to bring to court; or we get one where she stresses that the perp-walking pols are innocent until proven guilty in court. Either way is closure of a sort, but not total closure.

I've got to believe that's coming in the next three months -- but who knows at this point.

As long as she brings a decent slate of new charges, she has a solid political future, albeit with the problems that dog many top prosecutors who seek high elected office. If not, it might be tougher for her. 

As for how it affects leadership in the lege, I'm gonna guess -- just a wild guess -- that it won't be huge, but will potentially alter the next round of succession in both houses, by making some people a little toxic for top leadership due to their proximity to whatever is playing out in court.

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