My Year On Twitter: 17 Pot Shots At The LG

I interrupt this Ask Me Anything Day to bring you 17 completely gratuitous jokes I made on Twitter this year about Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray's late-2011 car crash. (If you aren't familiar with Twitter conventions and hashtags... well, it's not really worth getting into it for this.)


Expect other collections from the year's Twitter archives in coming days.


January 3  Tim Murray's driver's license #TossItInTheFilenesPit

January 4  Had to drive like an LG, but made it to Brentwood before Santorum speaks. #FITN #LowBlow

February 11  "Hey Lieutenant Governor, can I get a lift from you?" #ThingsNotHeardAtAmademCaucus

March 18  Last minute tip to St. Patrick's Day Breakfast speakers: "Tim Murray" rhymes with hurry. Also: worry, scurry, blurry, & jury. #mapoli

March 30  Tim Murray will use the winnings to buy a car elevator -- that locks the cars in from midnight to 7am. #MAMegaPlans

April 5  Called from the car? #canthelpmyself MT @scottferson: @dbernstein just spoke with LG who asked me to tell you 92 wins; Ellsbury MVP.

April 13  Tim Murray is obviously Dave Edmonds "Crawling From the Wreckage" #MApoliAtBatSongs

April 27  Hey, is "crash course" some kind of 2014 Guv primary dig? MT @MassAuditor: Here's a crash course in Auditor Bump's work on tax expenditures

May 2  #OtherMApoliheritagesurprises A long-lost branch of Tim Murray's family were Italian race-car drivers

May 4  Lieutenant Speed Demon? MT @MakenaCahill: @dbernstein Hashtag game in honor of the #derby: #mapolihorsenames Scotto's Half Court Shot

May 23  Can't wait for MassDems convention demolition derby. MT @globecynthia: US Rep John Olver unhurt when his car went off road into stream

May 28  I'm doing 107 MPH RIGHT NOW AS I TWEET THIS #CansecoForGovernorSlogans

May 30  "Hey, want to go survey some storm damage?" #MADemsconventionpickuplines

June 1  Chatted w/ LG Murray. Didn't ask him how long it took him to drive here.

August 8  Aly Raisman pulled LG Tim Murray from the car at the last moment before he crashed. #AlyCanDoIt

October 16  The house Tim Murray was in completely collapsed on top of him. He is unharmed. #mapoliearthquake

October 26  So... who wants to play #MAHurricanes? eg, Hurricane Tim, sweeps through at 100+ mph, damages cars but leaves people unharmed


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