My Most Viewed Blog Posts Of 2012

Not surprisingly, nine of the 10 posts that generated the most views on my blog this year were about Mitt Romney -- who was of considerable interest locally and across the country.

Interestingly, the exception was not a post about the Scott Brown/Elizabeth Warren race, Joe Kennedy III, John Tierney vs. Richard Tisei, or even the Great Menino Gay Chicken Wars, but one introducing an obscure 2013 city council challenger.

Here's the list:

1) Mind The Binder, October 16

Nothing else was even close -- this one overwhelmed the poor Phoenix servers. I posted it just after the end of the second Romney-Obama debate, unaware that the "binders full of women" had already gone meme-viral.

2)  Gold Star Mother: Romney Skipped Funeral, Left "Bullying" Messages, October 22

An exclusive report of allegations about Romney's insensitive behavior as governor.

3) The Bain Shadow Years Loom Larger, July 12

I have raised questions for years about whether Romney was still in charge of Bain Capital while running the Winter Olympics, so I got some national attention when it became a campaign issue this summer.

4) Romney Tromps On Troops, September 7

My brutal takedown of Romney's lame defense of omitting the troops, and the war in Afghanistan, from his convention speech.

5) Romney's Fenway Fib, April 19

In which I reprise an old nugget, as an opening to explain my views on Romney's particular brands of untruthfulness.

6) What Romney's Birther Joke Means, August 24

As it turned out, the ugly side of today's conservative movement did not spin out of control as badly as I feared when I wrote this.

7)  Romney Said What Now About Staples?, July 13

As Romney worked damage control on the Shadow Years issue, I jumped on him for misrepresenting Bain's holdings, and explained why it matters.

8)  "Wu-Hoo!" Or "Wu Who?", December 12

Bostonians are crazy about their local politics, as shown by the views of this exclusive about a 2013 City Council candidate.

9) October Surprise?, October 24

My report from the bizarre scene where the Boston Globe, Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, and celebrity attorney Gloria Allred were trying to unearth dirt on Romney from his friend's divorce two decades ago. 

10) More Romney Signatures: DDi, 2000/2001, July 13

Shadow Years again, this time concerning the DDi story that Romney has always skated clear of responsibility for.


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