Herald, I Beseech Thee, Dump Robichaud

 There's a lot of crap and nonsense put out under the banner of the Boston Herald. Which is mostly fine. Then there's Holly Robichaud, who is just a non-stop spewer of idiocy, sometimes on behalf of her undisclosed clients.

I don't bother complaining about her much, because why bother, but seriously, with this one.

Robichaud has discovered that OH MY GOD Congressman Bill Keating "has taken some questionable donations."

Wait, let me back up. When I say "Robichaud has discovered," I actually mean "Robichaud has lifted a blog post by Ken Pittman at RedMassGroup from two weeks ago, which was about donors to Elizabeth Warren, and checked to see whether the same people also gave to Bill Keating -- whose challenger happens to be paying Ken Pittman as a consultant."

Using this methodology, Robichaud finds TWO (2) donors who have given a combined total of $1250 of the $1 million-plus raised by Keating this election cycle.

One is a guy convicted of something in 1997. He gave $250. I have no idea why this is supposed to be a problem, but Robichaud copies-and-pastes a report about him that Pittman had cop-and-pasted onto his post.

The other guy is Gerald Schuster. If there's a problem with Democratic candidates accepting money from the Schusters, you would think someone would have gotten upset about it by now; they give to everybody.

Robichaud, in her particular style of pseudo-English, writes:

The New York Times reports that Schuster’s company has been of “misappropriating federal funds.”  Here is an excprter from the article

She then copy-and-pastes from Pittman's copy-and-paste. She does not, however, in any way note that the article she is copy-and-pasting (without link) and introducing as "The New York Times reports" in present tense, appeared in the March 31, 1999 issue of the Times

By the way, I'm familiar with the Continental Wingate/Beekman Houses controversy, which seems to come up any time Friend-of-the-Schusters Hillary Clinton is running for something. If you want to think that it means Schuster's a bad guy, I'm not standing in your way. I just have no idea why it says anything bad about Keating that he took a $1000 check from Schuster in this election cycle.

But if you are going to make that case, make it in some kind of honest manner.

If Robichaud is gonna do this kind of crap though, really the Herald needs to get rid of her.


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