Q&A #7: After Tierney

"Ben" asks:

Assuming Tisei wins over Tierney, what D's are well positioned to challenge him in 2014?

This is a GREAT question. I hope some North Shore readers chime in with thoughts. (Although the answer is probably "none.")

Looking at state senators: two of those seats will have first-term senators; another has a Republican. Tom McGee maybe?

A lot of offices up in the district are held by Republicans (or by people who live outside the congressional district lines -- including Katherine Clark I believe). And some of the Democrats might be too conservative to win a congressional primary (Mary-Ellen Manning).

And I don't think there's an obvious anchor city to look for someone from -- the way Eileen Donoghue (almost successfully) came used her Lowell base in her run for Congress in that next-door district.

I do understand that Salem's got an ambitious mayor -- but I hear she might be busy running for LG that year.  

Who am I missing?

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