Q&A #6: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Martha?

"Aidan" asks:

Do you see the Democratic Party (national or state) forgiving Martha Coakley and lining up behind her if she decides to run for governor or the Senate, or is there still going to be bitterness?

Bitterness. Much, much bitterness.

Huge, steaming piles of bitterness.

I'm actually a little surprised how much, but yeah I ask about this a lot and I get a lot of very unfavorable comments, from party insider/activist types, about the prospects of a Martha Coakley gubernatorial run.

At the same time, most think she's planning to run, and most think she's likely to win the nomination -- which means she would be their only hope of keeping the corner office and ALL THOSE PRETTY, PRETTY JOBS........

For lo, they wandered in the wilderness for 16 years, with no sustenance, succor, or paycheck. And when the time came at last for the lost tribe to return, the Democrats bowed down before the golden calf named Tom Reilly, which left them kinda low on the list when King Deval started handing out favors. 

What I'm saying is, there's a time of reckoning coming, and Dems all over the state are going to maneuver, sneak, fawn, cajole, and backstab their way through the next two years -- and then probably end up losing to Charlie Baker anyway.

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