Q&A #2: Scotto

I'll take a coupla Scotto Qs together; "Elias Nugator" asks:

If Scott Brown tanks next month, will his wife Gail Huff perhaps consider a political career or her own?

"Dan" asks:

What candidate was hurt more by the Peoples Pledge that Brown/Warren took?

Second question first. I think it's clear that Brown ended up getting hurt more; he needed to do far more to break down Warren's credibility as a candidate, and was forced to do it himself -- and it's not so easy to beat up on your female opponent while simultaneously trying to battle the impression that you (and your party) are insensitive to women's issues.

Remember, way back a zillion years ago before the Pledge, those ridiculous apocolyptic ads run by Karl Rove's Crossroads that suggested Warren had unleashed a rioting mob of city-burning Occupy anarchists? We would have had 12 months of that sort of thing, and some of it likely would have been effective.

Incidentally, a lot of observers around here believe that those outside groups will flood the airwaves for the final two weeks, Pledge be damned, to try to save Scotto. Whether that happens or not, they were crucially on the sidelines while Warren's positive image settled in over the course of the year.

Now, as for Gail... it's an intriguing notion, but I'm not sure A) that she's interested, or B) that there's a spot for her. Congress I guess? Is Wrentham is now part of District 4? If so, maybe she runs after JKIII moves on to succeed Kerry in the Senate.....

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