Quick Take On The Lowell Debate

I thought Scott Brown did much better in tonight's debate than in the first one. Elizabeth Warren was fine. David Gregory was no John Keller.

I was surprised Warren didn't do more to tie Brown to Washington Republicans, which I would think should be part of every answer. Fortunately for her, Brown did his own damage by naming Antonin Scalia as his idea of a model Supreme Court justice (after a lengthy pause that made him look like he was trying to remember the name of a justice -- as one wag said to me, I think we can all agree that "Scott Brown" and "lightning round" don't go well together).

That Scalia moment is likely to be all that anyone ends up taking away from tonight's debate, because the Warren campaign will probably remind us of it repeatedly. Expect the Brown campaign to try to stir up another controversy to head that up -- that's textbook Fehrnstrom campaign strategy.

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