Q&A #6: E-Dubs Law License

"Rob" asks:

Do you think there is any seriousness to the allegations around Elizabeth Warren's law license? Or will it only have an effect in the right-wing blogosphere?

Seems to me that, at the very worst, assuming anything about this story is really anything, you've got somebody who is clearly doing work she is perfectly qualified to do, for clients who are very happy to pay for her expertise, but may have skirted laws concerning the proper state licensure for doing such work in quite the way she was doing it.


So, let the wallowers hunt and chase this down; they may have legitimately caught her failing to cross some i's or dot some t's, or versa-vica, or whatever, and good for them. But if we're playing "(Big) Deal Or No (Big) Deal," I'm going with No (Big) Deal.

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