Massachusetts Debate Calendar

Debate season is upon us, folks. Below I've started a calendar of debates & forums of interest to Massachusetts voters; I'll add more as they get announced or I find out about them. Please send me information of any you know of, to 


September 19: President, Mitt Romney "Meet the Candidate," Univision, 10:00pm

September 20: US Senate, Brown-Warren, WBZ

September 20: President, Barack Obama, "Meet the Candidate," Univision, 10:00pm

September 25: State senate (1st Essex), Ives-Kelcourse-Magliocchetti-Toohey, Haverhill, 5:45pm

September 27: US Congress (CD6), Fishman-Tierney-Tisei, Commonwealth Magazine, Lynn, 3:00pm

September 30:  US Congress (CD4), Bielat-Kennedy-Rosa, "On The Record" WCVB, 11:00am

September 30: US Congress (CD3), Golnik-Tsongas, LWV Forum, Concord-Carlisle HS, 2:00pm

October 1: US Senate, Brown-Warren, UMass-Lowell

October 3: President, Obama-Romney

October 10: US Congress (CD4), Bielat-Kennedy-Rosa,  Commonwealth Magazine, UMass-Dartmouth, 4:00pm

October 10: State senate (1st Essex), Ives-Kelcourse-Magliocchetti-Toohey, Methuen, 5:45pm

October 10: US Senate, Brown-Warren, Symphony Hall, Springfield, 7:00pm

October 10: US Congress (CD3), Golnik-Tsongas, Lowell Sun, Devens, 7:00pm

October 10: US Congress (CD6), Fishman-Tierney-Tisei, Salem, 7:00pm

October 10: US Congress (CD9) Botelho-Keating-Sheldon, LWV, Duxbury, 7:00pm

October 11: Vice President, Biden-Ryan

October15: State senate (Midd. & Worc.), Cavaretta-Eldridge, LWV, Sudbury

October 15: US Congress (CD4), Bielat-Kennedy, LWV, Wellesley College, 7:30pm

October 16: State senate (Midd. & Worc.), Cavaretta-Eldridge, Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce, 6:00pm

October 16: President, Obama-Romney (town hall style)

October 17: US Congress (CD3) Golnik-Tsongas, Sentinel and Enterprise, Fitchburg State University, 7:00pm

October 17: State senate (Midd. & Worc.), Cavaretta-Eldridge, Acton TV, South Acton, 7:30pm

October 17: State senate (Ply. & Barn.), Keyes-Murray, Cape Cod Times, Sandwich High School 8:00pm

October 18: State senate (Ply. & Barn.), Keyes-Murray, Kingston Town Hall, 7:00pm

October 22: President, Obama-Romney (foreign policy)

October 22: State senate (1st Essex), Ives-Kelcourse-Magliochetti-Toohey, Haverhill, 7:00pm

October 24: State senate (Midd. & Worc.), Cavaretta-Eldridge, Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce, 7:45am

October 24: US Congress (CD3), Golnik-Tsongas, Merrimack Valley Chamber, No. Essex Community College, 8:00am

October 30: US Senate, Brown-Warren, media consortium


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