Q&A #6: Boston's Councilors

"Rob" asks:

Without revisiting your whole 'post Menino future Mayors' list, can you rank the top 3-5 most bright political futures for current City Councilors?

Well, I suppose it depends on whether you believe that Steve Murphy will finally be elected state treasurer in 2014, when Steve Grossman runs for governor. That would be a very bright political future, and there are people who believe it will happen.

That aside...

1) Felix Arroyo. Forget mayor, dude's gonna be congressman someday.

2) John Connolly. Too good, ambitious, and politically savvy, not to find some path. Might not be mayor, but it'll be something.

3) Tito Jackson. Man of action. 

4) Mike Ross. Clock is ticking, and the CD4 start-and-stop JKIII fiasco didn't help, but he's still got a strong shot at higher office.

5) Ayanna Pressley. Funny thing is, she could be in congress this time next year. (Kerry to Secy of State, Capuano to Senate, Pressley to Congress) I don't put her higher on the list, though, because I'm still not convinced her path is ultimately in politics.


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