Q&A #5: More Post-Terri Talk

"MetroWest Mom" really wants to dive into the Beacon Hill rumor mill -- God Love Ya'! She asks:

Rumor has it that Brewer, Petruccelli, & Hart are strong arming members into supporting the Chairman for Senate President if Madame Murray happens to come up short on November 6th. If they are successful, how do you think this will affect the plans of potential statewide candidates - Wolf, Downing, & Clark?

Here's one important thing to bear in mind: It is increasingly standard wisdom among ambitious state legislators (and those who advise them) that the track toward leadership, and the track toward higher office, are two very different tracks. So senators like Downing and Clark, I suspect, are not trying to maneuver their way toward the senate presidency, because that path makes you look like more of an inside player (and forces you to be more supportive of votes or actions of the leadership), which makes you less electable to congress, DA, AG, LG, or what have you.

They will, of course, try to maneuver to get maximum political leverage from those who are on the leadership track, and want their support.

Another important thing to keep in mind: For Terri Murray to lose in November, it would probably require some pretty significant development in the probation investigation -- and if that happens, if a couple of significant senators are indicted and the US Attorney's complaints make Murray look even more closely involved, then who the hell knows what's going to happen inside the senate.

Oh, another thing: I too have heard that there is some talk about Brewer, but I am skeptical that there has been anything overt going on behind Murray's back. I strongly suspect that if any members of the senate actually utter the words "if she loses..." we will see their severed head outside the Hooker Entrance on a stick.

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