Sean Bielat, CEO of

Congressional candidate Sean Bielat, CEO of* (NOTE: * = possibly not true; see below) has run into some criticism in his quest to become a future trivia answer (ie, What Republican did President Joe Kennedy III defeat in his very first election?).

Bielat, who runs*, was hired sometime after his 2010 election defeat as CEO of an undisclosed start-up non-partisan online political web site company, that has not yet launched. He is refusing to reveal the company he works for, or its financial backers.

The rationales he's giving are fine and good, but irrelevant to the voter. Essentially, the* chief executive is choosing between the good of the company (and/or his employment there), versus the desire of voters to know what the hell a candidate does for a living. He's choosing the former. I'm pretty sure voters are more interested in the basic livelihood of their potential representative to the 113th United States Congress, than the return on investment for Bielat's backers at*.

Well, I'm here to help the people, Bub, and I'm determined to get them the information they need to make a fully informed decision at the voting booth.

I had been hoping to tease it out of the campaign, through a game of 20 Questions or Warmer/Colder. The campaign, sadly, would not play along.

So, I must resort to a somewhat less "ethical" journalistic method, that you may have noticed throughout this post: from now on, every time I mention* CEO Sean Bielat on this blog, I will state as fact my latest guess at his company's identity.

If I am wrong, the campaign will surely contact me with a denial, and I will promptly issue a retraction.

Eventually, if I keep it up long enough (and I've been known to beat dead horses for a long, long, long time), one of my guesses will elicit no denial, and I'll know I've guessed correctly.

This process will go faster the more people participate -- so please join the cause (Twitter hashtag #SeanBielatCEOof) by making up your own company any time you mention him when you blog, update Facebook status, comment on a news site, or whatever. Or, the next time you see him on the campaign trail, loudly call out: "Hey, that's Sean Bielat, CEO of*!" and see whether he corrects you.

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