Q&A #2: Deval's Next Move

 "David" asks:

Any reason to expect that Deval would join a second Obama Administration in some fashion? If not, what's your prediction for him in 2015?

I still think pretty much what I wrote in the paper a year ago -- Patrick's not thinking of running for anything else, and he'll most likely fashion a post-gubernatorial career combining some money-making (on corporate boards, special legal work, whatever), some non-profit activity (establishing a policy institute, chairing a foundation, whatever), some party statesmanship (both behind-the-scenes king-making and as a public spokesperson), and/or some public service.

I doubt he joins the administration in a full-time capacity -- a cabinet position, for instance -- but I can easily see him taking specific short-term assignments. Maybe the next version of Simpson-Bowles will be Patrick-somebody?

Caveat: If Obama really really wants him for something, Presidents can be very persuasive. Especially with personal friends.

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