Call Me Maybe, Liz?

So today on Twitter I got goaded into writing Massachusetts-politics lyrics for the currently most-parodied song around, Call Me Maybe. My first quick attempt prompted Senator John Kerry to Tweet: "how did Weld and I get thru 96 without a song like this?"

With that endorsement, here's what I came up with....

I threw a vote in for Scott

Better than Martha I thought

But that's not saying a lot

And now he's in DC


I'd trade him in if I could

It's Kennedy's seat, I should

But all the Dems are no good

But then you came my way


You're name is Warren

Finger pointing, rhetoric flowing

Ten million bucks and growing

Where you think you're going, DC?


Hey I just met you

And this is crazy

But here's my vote

For Senate maybe?


I don't know if

You're an Indian baby

But here's my vote

For Senate maybe?


You're better than

Setti or Khazei

So here's my vote

For Senate maybe?


Pickup trucks

May try to chase me

But here's my vote

For Senate maybe?

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