Shocker: Mitt Romney actually served as Governor of Massachusetts! David Bernstein talks Romney on Al Sharpton's MSNBC show

It's true! You'd never know if from the campaign trail, but WILLARD MITT ROMNEY was actually governor of Massachusetts for a number of years, a position he obtained by making a series of arguments to voters -- Bain Capital, business leadership, etc -- that are annoyingly similar to the ones he's made as an unsuccessful candidate for president. Then, once he got to be governor, he pretty much failed to do everything he said. Also, Romneycare, etc. 

Many of you reading this will remember all of this happening. The rest of the country is just catching on. And as the guy who had the misfortune of having to cover Romney during those years, our own DAVID BERNSTEIN knows where Romney's bodies are buried. Which is why the national media is now calling. Tonight, Mr. Bernstein made his MSNBC debut on Al Sharpton's show to deliver the good. Let's go to the tape: 

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