Q&A #5: Obama & SSM

 "Bellavita" asks:

It's nice of our President to 'come out' about his personal support of homosexuals. Forgive me, but as President, shouldn't he have done something to help that along at this point? What do you predict he will actually DO, if anything, to support individual rights further? THANKS!

Well, I recommend you take a look at my new feature in this week's Boston Phoenix on this topic. But I think the direct answer is that he's not going to do a whole lot -- which is exactly what most same-sex marriage strategists want him to do. They want to focus efforts at the state level, not federal, at least for now. (At the federal level, they would like him to push ENDA and some other things, but that's another story.) The only question is whether Obama will make any real direct appeal in the upcoming state votes, potentially over-politicizing it, or let his stated support speak for itself.

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