Q&A #3: replacing Brownsberger

Turning from the high-profile to the obscure, "EliasNugator" asks:

Who is the "front runner" in the 24th Middlesex Democratic Primary for State Rep?  How does that General Election shape up?

That's the open seat in Arlington/Belmont/Cambridge, previously held by William Brownsberger, who won a special election to become state senator. There are a bunch of candidates, mostly first-timers. I haven't talked to people about this race yet; I would guess it's going to depend a lot on who gets the key people behind them, and I just don't have a sense of that yet. I would think Sue Sheffler would be a strong candidate, but the conventional wisdom is that it's a Belmont seat -- Sheffler's from Arlington.

I don't see how the Democratic nominee doesn't win in November.

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