The White-On-White Senate Race

Rob Eno, he of Red Mass Group notoriety, complains that I unfairly carp on Republicans being overwhelmingly white and male, while ignoring the very white audiences that have greeted Elizabeth Warren. I am absolutely correct about the GOP's problem, but he is wrong that I ignore the flip side. In fact, I spoke and wrote more than just about anybody about the Martha Coakley campaign's failure to do outreach to the black community, and the devastating affect that had on turnout.

That shouldn't be a big problem for Warren, however, because black voters will come to vote in the Presidential election, and while they are there they'll overwhelmingly vote for Warren. So, while I think it's a shame, I can understand her campaign spending more effort on the battleground of persuadable suburban white households.

Nevertheless, it must be said that Eno is largely correct about Warren's audiences, as evidenced by this photo (from back in November, so it's a little unfair, but still) on the Warren web site, which I would caption: "The most white people ever gathered in the Reggie Lewis Center gym."


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