Romney, Denouncer Of Intolerance?

Regarding the departure of a gay staffer from the Romney campaign, which I mentioned the other day, I have a question.

It's not about the details of the Richard Grennel case, which remain somewhat murky but clear enough to make Romney look very bad. The way it's been reported holds that the campaign essentially benched Grennel to avoid stoking the controversy he was stoking among the intolerant conservative boors; Grennel quite reasonably balked at being put in the untenable position of spokesperson barred from speaking to the press, especially for that reason. So, he quit. Reportedly, many of Romney's top people tried to persuade him to stay, which has been relayed as evidence of their tolerance, although they could as easily have been trying prevent the embarrassment that his quitting would cause the campaign -- note that there has been no reporting that these top staffers assured Grennel that they would actually allow him to perform his job, bigots be damned.

Anyway, what caught my attention was what noted Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom said on CNN when asked whether Grennel left because "others in the Republican party" had a problem with Grennel's "sexuality":

"Wherever there are voices of intolerance within the party... it's disappointing. And the governor has taken the opportunity in the past to denounce those voices of intolerance."

My question is: when? When, during this campaign, has Romney denounced the voices of intolerance against homosexuals?

Perhaps he has -- I'm honestly not certain. But I can't think of an instance. He certainly didn't do it when he spoke at CPAC a couple of months ago -- a conference that banned the participation of GOProud, which I thought provided him a perfect opportunity for a "Sister Souljah moment" on that issue.

I keep seeing references to Romney's tsk-tsking, at the Values Voter Summit last October, of Bryan Fischer -- who was one of the people calling for Grennel's head and rejoicing at his exit.

But Romney, in that speech, was condemning Fischer for speaking ill of Mitt Romney, by saying that Mormons are not Christians. (And, oddly, that as such they are not protected by the First Amendment.)

So, can anyone help me -- do you know of an instance when Romney has, in fact, denounced the voices of intolerance against homosexuals -- particularly since he's been  campaigning to be the President?
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