Q&A #7: Future For Deval & Scotto

Again taking two together; "Neal" asks:

What's next for Gov. Patrick? An Obama appointment (if he wins) to SJC or AG? A run for president in '16?

...while "JohnIAT" asks:

How badly does Scott Brown want to run for President?

 On Deval Patrick, I haven't changed my thinking since I wrote about this one year ago this month. Here's a key passage from that article:

We also think of politicians like basketball teams in the March Madness tournament: their latest win is just a step up to the next game, and they keep pushing toward the next contest until they get defeated (or, in the rare case, win it all).

I don't think Patrick views things that way. I suspect he sees a wide-open field of opportunities before him, in which he can learn to live comfortably in multiple worlds.

One model suggested by a political veteran is that of former Secretary of State James Baker. Since serving on George H.W. Bush's cabinet, Baker has pursued private business and legal work, and chaired a public policy institute, while playing important Republican Party roles both behind the scenes and as a spokeperson. At the same time, he has accepted assignments as special envoy, working-group member, campaign counsel, or advisor that give him real influence without forcing him to abandon his other efforts.

Patrick, with his legal and business experience, his political success, and his close relationship with Obama, could create a similar multi-faceted post-gubernatorial career for himself.

As for Senator Scotto, I don't think the Presidency is on his mind at all. I think he expects to win re-election and then settle in as a US Senator for a good long time.

And -- much like Patrick -- while he would actually be a terrific Vice Presidential candidate, he is functionally useless for that role and will probably never be picked for it. Ah well.


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