Q&A #9: Lil' Timmy Vs The Ice Cream Man

 "RMC Strategies" asks via Twitter:

Handicap a Tim Murray v. Steve Grossman primary?

 I'll assume we're talking about governor 2014, although I'd lay odds that they won't both be in that race. But let's assume that it's the two of them head-to-head. Let's also assume that nothing substantially worse comes out about Lil' Timmy's recent escapades and whatnot.

I think that Murray is the powerhouse in the race for the nomination. He's well-liked in activist circles, for the most part. He'll have the strong backing of Governor Patrick, to whom Murray has been a very loyal lieutenant. He'll raise a lot of money. He'll have a huge advantage at the convention. And so on.

I'm not convinced Grossman intends to run, and if he does I'm not convinced he's that strong a candidate. He has a loyal following, and is getting high marks for his work as Treasurer, but he bear in mind he only beat a very over-her-head Karyn Polito 55%-45%. 

If that's the contest in 2014, I think Murray takes the nomination. And, I think that would be OK with Charlie Baker as he takes his second shot.



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