My Most Popular Articles Of 2011

 These are the pieces that got viewed the most online, of my articles that ran in the paper this year. Seems to be heavily skewed to the past two months, and to anything with Mitt Romney in it. Some of that is probably due to growing interest in the GOP 2012 contest. Special issue contributions are apparently my secret strength. Oh, and I went through #11 to include my Ayanna Pressley piece. (Earlier: My 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2011.)

1) Mitt Rewrites Himself, Feb. 11

I don't know how many of the views came when I originally reported it, and how many after Rick Perry started using it in the campaign many months later. What I do know is that now I feel obligated to scour the paperback version of Perry's latest book, which comes out January 3rd.

2) Last Chance in Brighton, Nov. 30

My story about progressive candidate for state senate Tim Schofield. This senate district probably has the highest concentration of Phoenix readers anywhere, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised this got so many hits.

3) Night of the Living Newt, Dec. 15

Well, who wouldn’t want to read my take on Gingrich’s 15 minutes as frontrunner?

4) Quiz: Candidate Or Criminal?, Dec. 21

My fun twist on the 2012 race, for our annual year in review issue.

5) The Year Ahead In Mitt, Dec. 28

For our annual year-ahead issue.

6) The Right To Occupy, Nov. 22

My analysis of the court case – and through it, the movement’s future. Got a lot of positive feedback on this one, from all sides. Well, except commenter “Occufukoff,” who as you’ll see was less complimentary.

7) It’s Mitt & Scott’s Party Now, Nov. 16

My look at soon-to-be MassGOP chair Robert MaGinn.

8) God Hates FAQs, May 19

One of my two contributions to our special Rapture issue (along with Bliss of Rapture).

9) The Ex-Mitt Club, Nov. 2

Latest results of my years-long obsession with Romney campaign-finance reports.

10) Unfinished (Monkey) Business, Aug. 4

For our special Monkey issue, I relived the mystery of the Danville mystery monkey. I’m amazed that, as far as I know of, we got no grief over the fantastic accompanying photo-illustration.

11) Elvis Is Queen, Aug. 12

My profile/analysis of first-term city councilor Ayanna Pressley.




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