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For those not up to speed... Over on Twitter, there's been a joke account for a while called "CrazyKhazei" that makes snide comments clearly intended to poke fun at Alan Khazei and other Democratic candidates for US Senate. Local tweeter Chris Matthews caught something from the account of Eric Fehrnstrom -- longtime Mitt Romney aide and member of Scott Brown's campaign inner circle -- that he suspects reveals that Fehrnstrom is the CrazyKhazei tweeter. Matthews posted about it at Blue Mass Group.

The story went big today, and Politico's Ben Smith discovered that a domain name was registered by Massachusetts-based Republican consultant Rob Willington, whose consulting firm works with Brown.

Khazei has now released the following statement:

Alan Khazei's U.S. Senate campaign issued the following statement today about the Boston Globe and Blue Mass Group's report that U.S. Senator Scott Brown's campaign strategists were behind an anonymous online campaign designed to discredit and malign Khazei.

"Instead of launching anonymous personal attacks against Alan Khazei, Sen. Scott Brown and his team should focus their time and energy on growing our economy and putting Massachusetts citizens back to work," said Khazei's Chief of Staff Emily Cherniack.

"Voters are cynical about the political process because politicians in Washington have spent more time on name-calling and tearing each other
down, than they've spent working together to move the country forward.

"Sen. Brown should denounce these tactics, immediately close the fake Twitter account and apologize to the citizens of Massachusetts because we deserve better from our leaders," continued Cherniack.

"Sen. Brown campaigned as a different type of politician, but since assuming office he has cozyied up to special interests, engaged in juvenile personal attacks, and become another Washington politician."

More as this develops.

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