Q&A #1: Mass. Guv '14

"Elias Nugator" is awake and alert enough post-Evacuation Day to start us off with a good one:

Granted we've only just exited a gubernatorial race and there is both a Presidential and a Senatorial race to beguile us next year... Nonetheless given that Deval Patrick has declined to run for a third term is there anyone out there making gubernatorial noises for 2014? I mean other than the annual no-shows like Ralph Martin or Andy Card.

The obvious elephant in that room is Lil' Timmy Murray, who is dead certain to run, virtually certain to have Patrick's support -- along with various congressmen, mayors, and other officials -- and will be well-stocked financially. And, naturally, he will spend the intervening years seeking to squash any potential competitors in that race. So, you can imagine that no Democrat is looking to stick their nose out about their interest in the guv seat, lest the Murray brigade whack that nose right off.

That said, there are plenty of potential rivals. The one you hear the most talk about is new state Treasurer Steve Grossman, who obviously has both the desire and the means. People are closely watching new state Auditor Suzanne Bump. I think Martha Coakley is a serious possibility. I wouldn't discount an Ian Bowles or other former administration figure. Some suggest that the various mayors floating their names for Senate 2012 are actually building name recognition and networks for Governor 2014.

Meanwhile, the elephant on the Republican side is Charlie Baker. There's talk that he will run again. I'm not sure I believe it, but it's significant enough that nobody else will want to start making waves until Charlie signals his intentions.

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