Town Slogans Galore On Twitter

This morning, the lovely town of Salem, Massachusetts announced the adoption of a new promotional tag line: "Still Making History."

Salem's mayor, Kim Driscoll, Tweeted about it this morning. Driscoll, as an aside, is much-rumored as a candidate for US Senate in 2012. And, as an aside to that aside, I have been insinuating that, given the fact that she's mayor of SALEM, it seems interesting that she has never produced PROOF that she is not actually a WITCH. Makes you think, huh?

In any event, I retweeted Driscoll's announcement of the new Salem tag line, and then suggested that folks suggest their own slogans for Massachusetts towns.

That was like five hours ago, and the #MATownSlogans hashtag game is still going strong.

I'll compile a greatest-hits list later, but here are some of my own suggestions from earlier:

"Worcester: Even the turnpike won't come here"

"Methuen: Well, maybe after you buy your booze, you could stop by on your way back?"

"Rockport: Go to Gloucester, then head east -- no seriously! You'll be pleasantly surprised!"

"Braintree: Over here! Behind Quincy!"

"North Adams: What medium do you work in?"

"Marblehead: Just saying it makes you feel superior, doesn't it?"

"Nantucket: Lynn, you think YOU'VE got rhyming problems?"

"Arlington: Cambridge without the fancy colleges."

"Burlington: As Seen In 'Mall Cop'"

"Peabody: Not nearly the worst you could do on Route 1"

Think you can do better? Bring it on! Head to Twitter and join the fun. (And while you're there, please follow me: @dbernstein)

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