If I Ran Tonight's Mass. Guv Debate...

1) Candidates would have to ring in to answer, like on Jeopardy.

2) The round where candidates question each other would be "Truth or Dare."

3) Challenge flags.

4) In one round, candidates would have to respond in a film or theater style called out by the audience.

5) Vuvuzelas!.

6) All questions in "speed round" would be about "Real Housewives."

7) Going over alloted time = two minutes in "time out."

8) One each: "phone a friend" and "poll the audience" lifelines.

9) Fights would be stopped when one candidate's body touches the ice -- er, floor; however, "Third Man In" would be allowed.

10) Secret word would bring Peewee Herman out running around the stage for five minutes.

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