Q&A #4 -- Galvin And More Galvin

Two questions about Bill Galvin in a single Ask Me Anything Day! 

"Kevin L." asks:

Do you think Galvin will ever sit down and discuss the SOC issues in a Candidates Forum?

"MPP" asks:

Attorney General Martha Coakley announced Thursday that her office is investigating allegations that Tim Cahill used taxpayer resources to fund ads aimed at bolstering his candidacy.  If you recall, there was a barrage of ads by the Secretary of State’s office during the US Senate Succession debate roughly a year ago.  Do you see the Attorney General launching a similar investigation aimed at Bill Galvin for those ads?

No, and No.

Well, I suppose it's possible that Galvin will do a forum, but he certainly will be easily re-elected either way, so he's got no great incentive. As for the ads, well sure Galvin has had his office run conveniently self-promotional ads, as almost every officeholder has tried to use the power of his office to promote themselves. As the Boston Globe editorialized today (and I'm paraphrasing here): "Duh." But unless there's some evidence of over-the-line hanky-panky, no AG is going to stir up any dust about that. The specific allegations by former insiders against Cahill raises it to another level, so an investigation was needed.

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